Rule of 3

  • 30,000 feet

    Regardless of project size, we want to know how it fits in the big picture.  So we probe. Gently.

  • 3 feet

    Our small teams led by senior talent mother over every detail of the work.

  • 3 inches

    After launch, we get out the microscope to study every crevice and scrutinize the metrics making sure all’s good.


What do we bring to the fight, you ask?

  1. Directional
    • Discovery
    • Strategy
    • Branding
    • Analytics
  2. Web
    • Design & User Experience
    • Development
    • E-commerce
    • Digital Media
    • Mobile Web & Apps
  3. Content
    • Visual
    • Social
    • Traditional
    • SEO
    • SEM / PPC / Social Ads
  4. Immersive
    • Virtual Reality
    • 360º Video
    • Augmented Reality
    • Mixed Reality
    • Gaming


They're all starters. Most are returning letter winners.

  • KV
    Kenzie Vorass Art Director

    Zoobooks collector and animal buff. Draws, designs, and dances to Father John Misty. Craftier than Martha, cowardly near sinkholes.

  • SK
    Steve Koeneke Founder

    Not dead yet. Up at dawn, down for a reposado. Decades of driving kickass creative for clients near and far. Will surf again. Someday.

  • AL
    Alex Lahr Copywriter/Social Specialist

    Lapsed saxophonist and vinyl spinner. Plays with words and “the facebooks.” 75 year-old in a 20-something’s body. Curses, sometimes.

  • DP
    David Podlisecki Front-end Developer

    Resident tinkerer. Cut his teeth on dev, design and multimedia at age 14. Owns what you want, DIYs what you didn’t know you wanted.

  • CL
    Christine Ledezma Ringmaster

    “Most Adventurous” TB peep 5 years running. On top of her shit (and everyone else’s). Burns rubber, beer money, and ’mallows. In that order.

  • LL
    Liz Lisota Brand Manager

    Curly-haired, motor-mouthed captain of sass. Problem solving and project management veteran. Often cattywampus. Will work for Jameson.

  • QM
    Quinn Madson Tech & Dev Team Lead

    Develops, parents and races slotcars on the reg. Former USAF firefighter and UWM dev/coding prof. Part-time centaur, full-time badass.

  • AG
    Andrea Gohr Brand Manager

    Health-food junkie, sucker for wings. TB’s best dressed. Web dev diva turned project planner. Sprints in heels better than most humans walk.

  • EL
    Eric Lehman Director of Biz Dev

    Former flip-phone salesman and proud Doberman dad. #TupacLives. Start-up sorcerer and relationship brewer. Chortling at danger 24-7.


We work with clients we love. They’re honest, fair, demanding, intelligent, creative and passionate. Our clients love us in return. Love our accessibility, tagged walls, skillz, perspective, scooter shuttle and the faint aroma of garlic. If that all sounds too weird in this age of lowered budgets and heightened expectations, we don’t care. We’ll continue to seek client relationships where there’s mutual respect and admiration. Then we’ll bust our ass for them.