Five Ways Designers Can Optimize UX/UI

Opening a freshly launched site is a designer’s favorite time to pull out a magnifying glass and critique the crap out of another designer’s work. Increasingly, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design are factoring into that evaluation. The need for UX/UI experts in designing a website has pretty much come into full acceptance. In… Read More


Developers, Start Your (Javascript) Engines!

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” – Isaac Newton, modernized quote It’s 2017 and after talking with former students and fellow developers across different sectors, I see a pattern of proverbial wheels being reinvented. My goal here is to show the substantial benefits of leveraging existing technology… Read More


Is It Possible For Your Email Marketing To Kick Ass?

In a word, yes. But only if it’s done right. Here are 5 simple tactics to launching and sustaining an effective email marketing campaign. 1. Subject Lines Matter It might be bad practice to judge a book by its cover, but it’s also human nature. Email is no exception. As marketers, we have a split… Read More


Lehman’s Terms

Eric Lehman, Thirsty Boy’s director of business development, comes fully loaded with an entrepreneurial spirit fueled by a fascination with the psychology behind decision making and a cerebral approach to business strategy. He’s also a student of technology as it relates to marketing. More importantly, he knows how to apply that knowledge and passion to… Read More


The Red Cup Conspiracy: Bucking Starbucks

A Starbucks long-term marketing strategy conspiracy theory. Ready? Last year the world feuded over the design of a paper cup. Social media roared like a war zone. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook echoed with a range of emotion, from confusion and anger to excitement and support. The coffee corporate giant Starbucks presented its red winter holiday… Read More


5 Reasons To Trust Your Marketing To A Digital Outfitter

In a recent Forbes article, author Steve Olenski states there are two primary benefits for brands to work with a digital agency: Helping the brand stay more industry-relevant, and better storytelling. But there are other significant factors to partnering with a marketing agency that really understands the digital landscape. Here are five additional reasons you… Read More


Quinn Madson – Digital Firefighter, Racecar Owner, Visionary

He served our country as a U.S. Air Force firefighter in Iraq. He cofounded the App Brewery as an instructor at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He races slot cars. He’s the father of three. And he’s Thirsty Boy’s new Development/Tech Lead. But despite his impressive past, it’s really Quinn Madson’s future that deserves focus…. Read More


Your Agency’s Vision – Or Lack Thereof

The Lens Has Changed. How does your advertising agency look at your brand? More importantly, how does the world look at your brand? Considering that your customers probably see and judge you primarily based on the first few results of a Google search, you best have your web, social and traditional identities in harmony and… Read More


Apple is making our job more challenging (and why that’s good)

As one of thousands of tech obsessives (and, ironically, the only obsessive at Thirsty Boy with an Android phone), I found myself watching (and tweeting about) yet another Apple keynote on Sept. 9. Like other Apple spectacles, the iPhone 6S / iPad Pro / Apple TV event was a little bloated and self-congratulatory. But aside from… Read More