Affordable Healthcare Comes To The Mall

The middle of an urban shopping mall might seem like an odd place to educate people about affordable healthcare but that’s exactly where Dean Health wanted to reach a younger, insurable audience. So we created a simple, interactive experience that allowed mall visitors to learn more about the Federal Affordable Care Act and how Dean Health could assist with information and product.

Video + Touchscreen

Clear Communication in a Noisy Arena

Being brief and to-the-point was our only hope in attracting preoccupied mall visitors, many of whom would describe healthcare reform as confusing or boring. To combat this, we created a short animated video that addressed common misconceptions and realities of healthcare reform and developed an interactive platform for discovering Dean Health’s coverage options. Bright colors, simple graphics and friendly language made talking about health insurance exciting, not excruciating.



From Complex to Conversational

We needed to take a lot of complex information and distill it into messages that would resonate with people who were confused, scared or indifferent. Placing emphasis on key words and phrases – through style, scale and motion – helped drive home the importance of finding the right healthcare coverage and connecting with a Dean representative.