Purity Has An App

A leader in whole-food nutrient solutions and a series of 21-day purification programs, Standard Process came to us to create a companion app for program participants to track their activity. Using insights gathered from interviews, surveys, competitive analysis and industry trends, we created a beautiful iOS and Android app that made managing a Standard Process purification easier than ever.

Language + Experience

Your Partner in Purification

Committing to a purification can be hard work, especially as a first-timer. So we worked with Standard Process to develop welcoming, friendly language and push notifications to keep participants motivated and in control throughout their plan.


Clear Visual Language

The visual language of an app, along with the ability to navigate through it, is crucial in avoiding confusion and frustration. We wanted to balance brand visual cues with everyday icons to make users feel comfortable and motivated to use it on a daily basis.

Extending Functionality

Beyond the Cleanse

While the main function of the app is to easily track daily routines and progress, it was important to think about what users would need to help prepare them for their cleanse. Integrating functionality like an easy-to-update shopping list allows every ingredient for meals be logged right in the app and viewed at the touch of a button.